For most people, traveling for work or going on a vacation means there will be a lot of sitting – Sitting at the airport, sitting on a plane, sitting in cars, sitting on the beach, etc. Excessive sitting causes a plethora of different health problems, So as health professionals, we always encourage our patients to fit in some daily exercise and movement, even while on vacation. You may not have as much time as you do at home for your regular workouts while traveling, but doing something is always a whole lot better than doing nothing at all. Here are our tips to help you stay active during any upcoming travels. 


Book a hotel that has a small fitness center/gym. This is probably the most convenient way to stay active on your trip. Get a quick workout done in the morning before you head out for the day.

– If you can’t get a hotel with a gym, consider one that is within walking distance to shops, restaurants, or trails, so that you can travel everywhere on foot. If the city is bike-friendly, arrange to rent a bicycle for transportation.

– Pack a few supplies to help you workout right in your hotel room. Resistance bands, workout or yoga videos, and a jump rope are all easy to pack.

– Use a pedometer to track your steps. If you don’t normally wear one, try doing a “test” day before you leave so you can define a baseline of how many steps you take on an average day. Then, on your trip, you’ll know if you’re being more or less active. Maybe it will motivate you to get moving!



Walk the halls of the airport instead of sitting around at the gate.

– Find a vacant area to do some stretching during your layovers. Long flights will have your legs feeling stiff.

– A lot of airports now have counter-height charging stations. Consider standing to use your laptop, tablet, or phone in between flights.



 – Go sight-seeing on foot. Stay out of a car as much as you can.

– Take the stairs when possible.

– Opt to stand on a train, subway, or bus. Offer your seat to someone who really needs it.

– Schedule some fun activities that won’t even feel like you’re exercising, such as hiking, cycling, or dancing.

– Create a standing desk in your room. Place your laptop on a tall dresser, or use objects (maybe an ice bucket) to boost your computer up to eye level while you stand and work.


No matter if the purpose of your trip is for business or for pleasure, the most important tip we can give is to enjoy yourself. Embrace your ability to move your body and the opportunity you have to travel and experience other parts of the world!