Proper maintenance is required for most things that we care about and this is particularly true of our body. The natural aging tendency to become more sedentary leads to a loss of strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. This will occur as a certainty unless you make a conscious effort to stay in shape. Not everyone can expect to become an elite athlete but we can all strive to improve a little bit every day. Here are a few ideas to help keep moving:

  1. Take the stairs – add some additional steps to your day (and a light leg workout) by walking the stairs instead of using the elevator whenever possible.
  1. Park farther away – another great way to add more steps to your day.
  1. Tidy up the house – use time between commercial breaks for active chores.
  1. Do something outside at least once a week – take a hike, walk in the park, or go sightseeing in your hometown. It won’t even feel like exercise!
  1. Perform wall squats while brushing your teeth – lean against the wall and squat down as if you’re sitting in a chair. It’s a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and you can still brush your teeth at the same time.
  1. Stretch your legs whenever you’re on the floor playing with your kids – try holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds. Get the kids involved too! If you need inspiration, try one of these: Cat/camel, Knee-to-chest, hamstring, or piriformis.

Every day, you should make an effort to avoid deconditioning for your overall wellbeing and health. You can count on stronger muscles to provide more support and stave off fatigue. You can count on flexible joints to resist strain and achiness when you keep them moving; so make time in your day to move and stretch. Regardless of where you’re starting, it’s much easier to keep what you have, rather than regain what you’ve lost.