A stylish wardrobe can help you look great and feel more confident. However, what you may not know is that the things you wear can have a detrimental impact on your health. Below are three of the biggest culprits.


Most women know high heels trigger foot pain, but your stilettos can also cause back pain. Heels alter your center of gravity, leading to postural imbalance. The ideal spinal curvature forms a slight “S” shape. Wearing high heels shifts that curve forward and increases tension. If you can’t see abandoning your high heels altogether, consider bringing along a more comfortable, supportive pair of shoes to swap out. There are a plethora of shoes that would fit the bill. Just stay away from one seemingly more comfortable option, flip flops, which sacrifice stability.


Oversize purses, bags, and briefcases are common culprits for back and neck pain. When carried over one shoulder, these heavy bags cause imbalance and add stress to your back and other joints. Consider opting for a backpack that distributes the weight more evenly across both shoulders. Along with that, don’t forget to purge your bag of unnecessary items regularly. 

Tight-Fitting Clothing

Avoid any type of clothing that restricts movement. Tight or skinny jeans may be trendy, but if they are too skinny, they will limit your movement and alter how you perform simple tasks, like walking, bending, and sitting.

The Bottom Line

Don’t allow your health and comfort to take a backseat to fashion.  If you are experiencing pain from your wardrobe, lose the heavy bag, lace up your comfy sneakers, and call us for an evaluation.